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U-Tube subscribers

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Monday, February 20, 2017

BIODATA relating to education sector


1. NAME : Smt. Leena Mehendale, IAS Retd (1974 - Maharashtra)

2. DATE OF BIRTH : 31st January 1950

3. PLACE OF BIRTH : Dharangaon, Dist : Jalgaon, Maharashtra

M.Sc. Physics - Patna University 1970
M.Sc. Project Planning , Bradford University U.K. 1989
MBA (HR) GJ University, Hissar 2007
LLB Bombay University 2010
Lecturer in Physics 1972-73, Patna,
Prof Rural dev and HR at Yashada (Pune) 1989-90,
Acting VC of YCM Open Univ Nasik 1996.

Recently Retd as SCIC (State Chief Information Commissioner), Goa for RTI Act, in the rank of a judge of Supreme Court. -- Since Oct 2013
Prior to that Member of CAT (Central Administrative Tribunal) in the rank of a judge of High Court – March 2010 to Sept 2013
Prior to that Additional Chief Secretary in Govt of Maharashtra since 2008
I joined Indian Administrative Service in July, 1974, Maharashtra cadre. Worked as a Senior Civil Servant since then on various postings, discharging responsibilities of Planning, Policy Making, Systems & their maintenance, sustainability and progress, including implementation and evaluation, Law and Order, Coordination and Monitoring as Administrator and a Quasi-Judicial Officer under several Acts.

(a) Legal
(b) Education, HR and Training
(c) Revenue and Development Administration
(d) Industrial Development
(e) Environment and Energy Conservation
(f) Women Issues
(g) Ayush
(h) Agriculture and Animal Husbandary

7. JOB EXPERIENCE related to Education sector
Acting VC of Open University (Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University), Nashik –1995
Prof Rural dev and HR at Yashada (Pune) 1989-90
Lecturer in Physics 1972-73 (Patna)
PCRA 2002-2005-- Expertise in generating Research ideas and Field Studies – that being the mandate of PCRA for Energy Conservation. Coordinated with many CSIR Labs, IITs and private labs. Acquired 6 institutional Patents.
Strong believer and Practitioner that TV and Radio can and should be used for Education and HRD – Created many TV and Radio serials -- List at S. No 9 below
Collector Sangli -- Conceptualised and implemented a special training-cum-economic-rehabilitation activity for Devdasis in Sangli and Kolhapur districts – effectively stopping their dedication as devdasis –an age-old custom in vilage Jat of Sangli.
On the Advisory Board of IGNOU for Dyan-Darshan during its First year.
Director of YASHADA 1990-91( Officers' Trg Institute of Govt of Maharashtra)
Director, National Institute of Naturopathy 1991-1994 – This involved designing short term courses and forming syllabus for a degree course in Naturopathy
Deputy Secretary (Education), 1979 in-charge of newly framed schemes of Vocational, Non-formal and Adut education 
CEO Zila Parishad – included administration of district-level school education, and Skill-traing under Rural Devlopment Projects.
WMDC – included Entrepreneurship and Skill Training Programs.
Visiting Faculty for several training programs on issues related to women, energy, RTI,
Continuous training efforts, lectures and TV clips for use of र्णमाला-अनुसारी keyboard for typing Indian Languages on computers,
Pathami Sanskritam – ongoing Radio serial for teaching Sanskrit

8. LITERARY WORK : 25 Books in Hindi and Marathi (List appended) I write on Current topics, administration, education, popular science, children literature, Women issues, philosophy, Environment, Health issues. And occassionally fiction. Another 400 plus articles and serial writings on above issues, are not yet in the form of book but available on my various blogs.

9. TV and AIR SERIALS: In PCRA As incharge, I introduced a weekly T. V. Serial (150 episodes) and A weekly TV serial on Work efficiency (72 episodes) a weekly Radio Serial (180 episodes) on Energy Conservation for mass awarness. A series of video programs on Naturopathy. TV program to highlight the plight of Devdasis Radio serial (13 episodes) on Atomic Theory From Panaji - A TV serial --संकृत तुमची आमची Collaborative work of Kaushalam Trust, Sanskrit Bharari and DD Panaji - 2014 From Panaji -पठािम संकृतम् Serial for Radio Madhuban ( A Brahm Kumari Channel) 2014 On You-tube (by name sanskrittv) --(i) Recitation of 18 chapters of BhagavadGeeta (ii) A seriealised Shloka Vivechan (iii) 45 poems translated from Kusumagraj in Hindi, (iv) 4 Bal-Nataka and many more

10. LANGUAGES and Traveling:
Proficiency in Hindi, Marathi, English. Can read, write and speak Bengali, Can read or follow - Sanskrit, Gujrati, Punjabi, Nepali, Maithili, Oriya, Assamese, Bhojpuri, Ahirani. Travelled nearly 400 districts in India, studying various aspects. Routine official tours to 8 countries.

11. POSTINGS (In reverse Order upto 1991) : -- SCIC , Goa – will continue till 31 Jan 2015 -- CAT , Bangalore Member : Additional Chief Secretary, GAD (General Administration Department) Principal Secretary Animal Husbandary Department Joint Secretary to GoI and Executive Director, PCRA Joint Secretary, National Commission for Women, Managing Director, Maharashtra State Farming Corporation, Settlement Commissioner, Maharashtra, Divisional Commissioner, Nashik and acting Vice Chancellor of Nashik Open University Director, National Institute of Naturopathy, GoI, Ministry of Health

1) ये ये पावसा - short stories for Children in Marathi – 1995, 2006.
2) ि वषा आई - short stories for Children in Hindi --2001
3) सोनं देणारे क्षी - Narrations on bird watching -Marathi --1999. serialised on AIR Mumbai, 2009.
4) सुवण पंछी - Narrations on bird watching - Hindi --2003. serialised on AIR Delhi, 2005.
5) हमारा दोस् टोटो Narrations on bird watching in Hindi --2004.

lalit sahitya
6) नित् लीला - Translated /Own Short stories in Marathi --2000.
7) मन ना जाने मनको - Translated /Own Short stories in Hindi --2007
8) आनंदलोक Hindi -108 Poems translated from famous Marathi poet Kusumagraj --2003
9) एक था ेंगाड्या - Hindi- Novel, Translation from Marathi - Gyanpeeth 2007
10) िंडीच्या पलीकडे - Marathi- Novel, Translation from English -- 2008
11) एक शहर मेले त्याची गोष्ट - Translated /Own Short stories in Marathi --2009.

short-length books on social issues
12) देवदासी - Hindi - Narration of Rehab. Prog. for Devdasis undertaken in 1985 at Sangli & Kolhapur -- 1999
13) शीतला माता - Hindi- 17th Century Indian system of small pox vaccination-- 2005
14) गुजारा त्तेका कानून - Hindi - Provisions of sec 125 Cr.PC for maintenance grant to deserted women, children, old parents-- 2000.
Social and Administratuve Issues
15) जनता राय - Hindi - Essays on Administration and society --2005.
16) है कोई वक लोकतंत्रका! - Hindi- Essays on Administration and society- 2009.
17) मेरी प्रांतसाहबी - Hindi - Essays on Administration and society --2009.
18) इथे िचाराना वाव आहे - Marathi - Essays on Administration and society-- 2008.
19) समाज मनाचे िं - Marathi - Essays on Administration and society -- 2010.
20)प्रशासनाकडे वळून बघताना Marathi - Essays on Administration and society – 2013

21) लोकशाही- Marathi-Translation from English - concepts of Democracy, for NBT 2003.
22) संगणकाची जादुई दुनिया Sanganakachi Jadui Duniya – Marathi –Computers simplified – 2010
23) Biodiesel - edited for PCRA – on alternative fuel -- 2005
24) युगंधरा - edited for PCRA - Women views on traveling & empowerment -- 2004

25)बूंद बूंद बात - edited for PCRA - on conservation techniques- 2004- Science and Technology